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2018-July-27 Announcement of Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30 June 2018
2018-July-16 Date of Board Meeting
2018-June-13 Inside Information Announcement Positive Profit Alert
2018-May-09 Articles of Association
2018-May-03 Effective Date of Capital Reduction
2018-April-23 List of Directors and their Role and Function
2018-April-20 Poll Results of Annual General Meeting Held on 20 April 2018
2018-April-04 Retirement of Independent Non-Executive Director at the Conclusion of the AGM and Withdrawal of Ordinary Resolution Numbered 2(C) at the AGM
2018-March-29 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director and Member of Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee
2018-March-28 Poll Results of the Extraordinary General Meeting Held on 28 March 2018
2018-March-15 Notice of Annual General Meeting
2018-March-14 Delay in Despatch of Circular and Grant of Waiver from Strict Compliance with Rule 14.41(A) of the Listing Rules
2018-March-06 Supplemental Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
2018-March-01 List of Directors and Their Role and Function
2018-February-28 Change in Directorship
2018-February-28 Announcement of Annual Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2017
2018-February-27 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
2018-February-26 Major Transaction in relation to the Acquisition of 100% Equity Interest in a General Partner of a Partnership and 19.5% Limited Partnership Interest in a Partnership
2018-February-20 Delay in Despatch of Circular
2018-February-13 Date of Board Meeting
2018-January-28 Proposed Capital Reduction Involving Cancellation of Convertible Preference Shares
2018-January-28 Connected Transaction in relation to Proposed Amendments to the Terms of the Convertible Preference Shares
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